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Sic Bo strategies

Consider that playing Sic Bo with strategies is not an exact science. It is difficult to create a Sic Bo strategy when you depend on uncontrollable elements. Unfortunately, chance does not dominate most games, does it? In the case of Sic Bo, everything depends on the dice.

In fact, the dice are thrown at random, and it is therefore impossible to predict the numbers that will come up. How do you beat the house in this game where you have no control over the roll of the numbers?

However, I’m sure you are wondering how there are people who are able to play Sic Bo with strategies and thus win a lot of money in any casino they play in, be it land-based or online.

Some people have tried in vain to invent the miracle tactic… The only thing you can do if you want to win some money is to pay attention to the bets you place: in fact, never overdo it.

But, let’s take it step by step. The first part of this whole process of creating your own strategies is the same as with the other games like poker, blackjack or roulette: you will start as a simple beginner.

Here are the Sic Bo strategies suitable for any beginner

Before we dive into Sic Bo strategies, you need to know about the two simplest types of bets you can make in the casino. These are low (or small) bets and high (or big) bets:

  • Low bet: for a so-called “low” bet, the total sum of the dice roll is expected to be between 4 and 10. You win an interesting amount of money, sometimes even significant.
  • Strong bet: for a so-called “strong” bet, the total sum of the dice roll is expected to be between 11 and 17. As the “ratio” is 1:1, you risk winning less money than for a low bet, but you also have a better chance of winning.

Low bets and high bets are the lowest risk bets. Even if there is nothing exciting about them, you will notice that the only time you have fun in the casino is, of course, when you win. If you want to win a minimum of money, then don’t hesitate to use these two methods.

If you want to know more about Sic Bo strategies for beginners, then be sure to read our specialised article on the subject. With that information, you’ll be able to take on any dealer with a slight advantage.

Now, let’s see how you can be part of those “intermediate” players; that is, what actions to take to win real money in the casino.

Don’t miss these tips for Sic Bo and increase your chances of winning real money.

Before we go any further, remember that there is no such thing as a player who is able to take full advantage. In the end, any casino game of chance will be determined by the fortune of the person involved.

Once you have done that, you should know the different ways you can bet on your spins because, as you will have seen, there are some combinations that are easier to hit than others; even if they pay less.

By reading the articles we have recommended throughout this page, you will learn more tricks (such as the free bonus) so that you can gradually become a Sic Bo expert.

Not many players succeed because it takes patience; however, the winnings at stake are too high for you to let them pass you by without trying to win with any combination.

Multiple bets to be made

Sic Bo’s medium-risk strategy involves placing multiple bets as follows:

  • Three units at 9 and two units on a double 1, 5 or 6, making 9 units in total.
  • Three units at 12 o’clock and two units on a double 1, 2 and 6 for a total of 9 units.

The return on investment corresponding to these two betting schemes will be:

  • Twenty-four units for nine wins on single bets and twenty-four units for wins on multiple doubles bets.
  • Twenty-four units for twelve single bet wins and twenty-four units for minor double bet wins.

Betting on a single number can also make you more money than average. The payout rate is also higher for a single number, but your chances of winning are also lower.

To bet on a single number, you have to focus on a single die and predict the number that will come up from 1 to 6. If you think the number will be 4, there is a chance that one of the three dice will roll this roll.

This is the basic information you need to know in order to play at the casino. But, when you have mastered them and know the rules of the game, then you can enjoy some strategy for the expert player.

Whoever plays with these Sic Bo tips becomes an expert.

The following Sic Bo tips are again based on the different ways of playing with your money. Therefore, not many players are willing to risk what you will see below.

Play like an expert

There are even more specific bets than this. For example, you might think that the total sum of the three dice will be 11. If it is, you’ll win a nice sum of money! On the other hand, if the total sum of the three dice is 12, and not 11, firstly, you would lose a lot of money, and secondly, you would “lose your nerve too!

You can also make triple bets. For a specific treble bet, you will win the maximum amount, but this is also where the house bets less. Why? Because there is a small chance that all three dice will roll a 2, for example. The dice are more likely to roll different numbers than each other. This is another important point. You can adjust your choice depending on the roll. You can say that two dice will roll the same number, but it is understood that the sum total of the three dice will come out between 6 and 12, for example. You have the possibility of multiple bets.

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