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bingo strategies

Choose a bingo strategy for the next time you hit the halls or casinos.

There have been many people in the history of the game who have tried to develop certain strategies to win at bingo. Most of them proved to be useless, mainly due to the fact that in the end it is a pure game of chance. As opposed to the ones that became more well-known or widespread, there are those that don’t sell the idea of winning 100%, but help you ‘maximise your chances’ of winning.

If you want to know more about the most effective bingo strategy, then let’s talk about the two most popular techniques you can use to play with your card. Let’s get started!

Tippett Strategy

The first of the two most popular was developed by British mathematician Leonard Tippet and was applied to 75-ball bingo. It consisted of a method of choosing cards that depended on the length of the game. A ‘short’ game was one in which simple patterns such as lines were completed, and a ‘long’ game was one in which more complex patterns, such as shapes or letters, came into play.

Therefore, the cardboard, or cards, you choose to play with should be as follows:

  • Short games: Cards with numbers around 1 and 75.
  • Long games: Cards with numbers around 38.

Statistically speaking, with the Tippett strategy you should increase your chances of winning prizes playing this version of bingo.

Granville strategy

The second was introduced by American financial analyst Joseph Granville. He suggested that to have the best chance of winning at bingo you should choose cards with numbers whose second digits are different rather than numbers with the same second digit, e.g. 14, 24 and 34 have 4 as their second digit and should therefore be avoided if they appear on the same bingo card.

In other words, the bingo strategy he used is based on making sure that the chosen card has:

  • As close to full parity between high and low numbers as possible.
  • That the number of odd and even numbers is as close as possible.
  • That the endings of the two-digit numbers are as varied as possible.

As you can see, the Granville strategy, as well as the previous one, is based on the choice of the cardboard because, obviously, it is the only action that the player can perform throughout the game, apart from marking the squares.

Below, we’ll give you some additional tips to help you win at your favourite casino bingo games when fortune is on your side.

These are the best bingo tips you’ll get on the web

All online players who are using the bingo strategies explained above also add some tricks to improve those odds of winning no matter what the balls are.

After examining the main theories, there are some small improvements that can be applied to the game to maximise the chances of winning. The following apply to online bingo or bingo played in a bingo hall interchangeably.

One recommendation that seems to be quite popular is to play multiple bingo cards at the same time, each with as different a set of numbers as possible. The idea is to have the numbers as spread out as possible, so that there is more chance of having them when they come up. This ensures that you can draw a lot of numbers early in the game to try to get 1 or 2 lines.

Another good tip is to minimise competition as much as possible when playing. As bingo is a multiplayer game, there will be some times when there won’t be as many people playing as there are at peak times. It makes more sense to play at times when there are unpopular events at the casino or during low network traffic hours.

On the other hand, and this applies to both land-based and online casinos, be sure to consider these bingo tips:

  • Play with a limit. Never exceed your bankroll.
  • If you go on a losing streak, the best thing to do is to fold.
  • Learn the rules of the different variations of the game.
  • Practice for free before you play a real money game.

If you do this, you should reduce the risk of losing. And if you want to have more control over your luck, then you could also use any online casino bonus.

Add bonuses to the tricks to win at bingo at the casino

As with other games such as roulette, a sure-fire trick that will help you minimise the risk of losing your money is to use the bonuses offered by the casino. Most of them are free and only require you to meet a few simple requirements.

Unlike the rest of the tricks to winning at bingo, this goes down to reducing the chances of losing your bankroll by playing. This is because every bonus will help you to:

Practice the rest of your bingo strategies for free.

Place bets without thinking about what will come out of the pot.

Concentrate on each card individually

If you’re looking for a free game, then online casino bonuses are your best bet. Put them together with the rest of the bingo strategies and your chances of winning money will multiply.

No matter which electronic bingo strategy you choose, we are sure that if you use the information we have provided you with throughout this article, it won’t take you long to win at online bingo.

Always place your bets as responsibly as possible to stay in control of your game. Remember that this is the main characteristic of any winning player in any casino or land-based room.

On the other hand, remember that no trick or strategy is foolproof, so don’t put your entire bankroll on one bet – the numbers you have on your card could be the last ones to come out of the jackpot!

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